Monday, May 21, 2012

How to Order a Subway Sandwich

I am a big fan of Subway Sandwich, whenever me and hubby are on the road without the kids, we either have a Sonic or a Subway to munch with. And because of our cravings for the sandwich, hubby decided to make our own Subway sandwich home. We got all the ingredients from the grocery. I got wheat bread while hubby had white bread. hubby called mine "Tessway Sandwich".

Ordering a  Subway sandwich  at Subway can be complicated for the first timers. Good thing is, my husband is always there to guide me on how to  do it step by step. Subway is not like Mc Donald or any other fast food store where in you just  say the number you want, size of the soda and that's it. In Subway, you have to  tell them all you want in a sandwich or you'll end up with a little bit of  extras in your sandwich with the same bill payment. Here are certain steps to follow to  get you a  perfect sandwich.

1. Flavor - First thing to do is to choose the  meat that you want  for your sandwich. Here are some of the basic kinds of meat they have:

Steak - this is my favorite
Roast Beef
Roasted Chicken Breast
Teriyaki Chicken

There is a standard amount of meat to put on each sandwich. You can ask for more meat only if you are willing to pay extra.

2. Bread - You have to choose from a variety of  bread. Tell them if you want a footlong or a 6" long.

White bread
Whole Wheat
Honey Oat
Italian Herbs and Cheese

3. Cheese - Add cheese if desired. You can choose between

white American
pepper jack

4. Toasting - You may decide  whether you like your bread  toasted  or not. The Sandwich Artist may ask you if you want your sandwich toasted right when you order your sandwich. Or, he/she may ask you directly after placing the cheese on top of your meat, since normally they toast sandwiches with just meat and cheese on.  I always toast my sandwiche while my husband just want  his meat heated in a microwave. It does not cost anything extra to toast a sandwich.

Toasting - Your sandwich gets placed onto a tray, which goes into a speed cook oven. The sandwich artist hits a button. It takes a foot long sandwich 30 seconds to toast.

5. Vegetables and Pickles - You can choose all the vegetables and pickles or just the ones that you like. Be specific with the amount you want or with the vegetables you like to put on your sandwich. If you want "Everything,", say so. If you want "Everything but two ingredients," say so.

Red Onions
Pickled jalapeno pepper
Pickled banana/yellow pepper,
Sliced dill pickle
Green Peppers
Sliced black Olives

6. Sauce/Mayonnaise/mustard - All vinegars, salt, and ground black pepper are also in this area and if you don't tell them what you want ,nothing will be automatically put on.

Honey mustard
Dijon mustard
Light mayonnaise
Regular mayonnaise
Ranch dressing
Barbecue Sauce
Sweet Onion Sauce
Chipotle Southwest Sauce

7. Pay at thr register - The cashier will ask if you want meal, combo deal or just a sandwich.If you wish to save money, avoid going for the combo deal.

8. Say thank you.


  1. Haven't tried Subway here in Manila. Will try to visit soon. :)

  2. I miss subway...the last time I ate one was way back when my dad was still alive...I would love to try 'em again for a change :))

  3. my fave. i'm a suki in subway. haha!

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