Saturday, July 26, 2014

Beef Pares Recipe

Beef  Pares is one of the favorite dish at the  side-street eateries in the Philippines.It is a  juicy tender stewed beef in sweet brown sauce. I used to cook it the Filipino way but the spices gives my husband a heart burn so I made it a little bit according to his taste and sensitive stomach. There are many ways to cook this dish just like the famous Adobo. Beef pares is serve paired with garlic fried rice and hot soup. Here is my version of Beef Pares recipe.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Best Meatloaf Recipe

Meat Loaf is one of our family's comfort food. It is so easy to prepare and can be eaten with any side dish or as a meatloaf sandwich with the leftovers. My husband loves it with lots of onion but my kids are not so fun of big chunky onion or any herbs, so I make sure to finely chopped all the ingredients and not to put too much. Meatloaf can be make in different ways so don't settle  for only what is written in the recipe. You can add ingredients of your choice too.  Here is one of my quick and easy meatloaf recipe. I made this one, not so complicated by using few ingredients only.