Thursday, October 27, 2011


Pakbet or Pinakbet is one of my favorite dish and  a very popular  Ilocano dish among Filipinos. It is made up of  sauteed or boiled mixed vegetables seasoned with bagoong. Most of the recipe calls for pork but I like it with shrimp too.I love to cook this because it is  easy to prepare  and we can cook it however we want it but the taste is still good probably because of the fermented fish (bagoong isda) or shrimp paste. My mom usually serves it with fried fish (galunggong) and a lot of rice.

In the Middle East pork is not allowed (haram) so for this this recipe  I used shrimp.

Shrimp with Brocoli


Brocolli  is one of my families favorite vegetable .It is always available in the market and easy to cook and most of all  is high in vitamin C and fiber. It may be cook boiled and steamed but may also be eaten raw.

In this recipe, I blanched the brocolli first and added to the sauteed garlic ,onion and shrimp. And lastly poured the mixture of oyster sauce, oyster sauce and corn starch  to make a thick sauce then salt and pepper to taste.



Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Siopao (Steamed Dumpling)

Siopao is one of my favorite snack .I like both  the asado and the bola bola. The last time I made my own siopao was years ago back in Qatar.Hubby's a picky eater and he did not like it so I ended up eating all the siopao.So  whenever I crave for it I just buy or order.Saves me time and effort.

Since siopao is nowhere to be found  here in my place ,I made one and just used the left over meat balls.The dough turned out good and the sauce was perfect for my taste. My boys even liked it. The recipe was from one of my old cook book and I even shared it to a friend few years ago  for her siopao business and it was a real hit.