Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sizzling Plate

Last night, I got me some Sizzling plates for a good price of  QR 29 ( $7) only  in one of my favorite shop. For a cheap price, I know that  it is not one of the best quality cast iron plate but I still want to give it a try. Stores here don't sell sizzling plate so I was really surprised to see it in different sizes and shape and grabbed the regular/standard  ones  that the restaurant owners usually use.

Since this is my first time to own a sizzling plate and very proud to have one. I must learn  how to use and take care of it properly.

So to start with, this is how I  get the sizzle  and the smoke effect  in the plate. Make the cast iron really hot ,add some fat and the food. The sizzle  does not do anything for the food taste  but it just get the peoples attention for  the restaurant owners to attract  more customer.

 Proper way of cleaning:
1. Do not use soap. The metal is porous and the soap is difficult to rinse all the way and you will end up with  a soapy flavored food.
2. Just wash is with really hot water and  a scrub .
3. Then dry it with a towel
4. Put back in the burner to completely dry it .
5. Let it cool then apply a very light coat of oil with a paper towel  then wipe again with clean paper towel to remove any excess oil. Makes sure to coat the plate entirely with oil. This will keep the rust away while being stored. Use vegetable oil  if you use it often  and mineral oil   for a once a month use.

Watch out for my  next post using the  hot plate. I was thinking of making a sizzling burger steak.


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