Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Candy Sales After Christmas

A lot of people like to hit the After-Christmas sales to take advantage of sale items and a great opportunity to stock up and get ready for the next Christmas. It saves a lot of money to buy candies and sweets for 50% off the regular prices. Sales starts on December 26 for most stores, do not wait for several days or a week for the 75% mark down sale or all the candies you want may be gone.

Don’t overlook the chocolate aisle for Reese's, Queen Anne, Hershey’s products and more all down by 50% . You should also check out the baking food products such as cookies and muffin at great prices.

My little boy and I loves this Russell Stover chocolate coated marshmallow.

Candy cane is the best among this kisses package. I love the smooth creamy white chocolate with small pieces of nice and crunchy peppermint.

How can life be better than a combination of chocolates cup filled with a slightly crumbly, dense peanut butter with quite a hit of salty kick.

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  1. I am one of those consumers who shop for sweets after the holidays. Haha! Talk about saving money!


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