Friday, January 10, 2014

Hard Boiled Eggs for Family Meals or Easter

Wondering how to boil eggs for family meals or Easter? Boiling egg is not easy, we usually tend to over boil the eggs most of the time. Over cooked egg has a green ring around the egg yolk. Always remember to cook eggs right to avoid Salmonella poisoning from under cooked or improperly stored eggs.


12 large eggs
water for boiling


1. Place eggs in a in saucepan . Cover them with cold to cover eggs by 1 inch.. Slowly bring water to a boil over over high to medium heat. Cold water will help prevent the eggs from cracking.

2. When the water has reached a boil,cook for 10 minutes more over medium to slow heat. 

3. Remove from heat. Let sit 10 minutes.

4. Drain immediately and cool completely under cold running water or in bowl of ice water. Eggs can be peeled and served immediately or refrigerate.

Egg Safety Tips:

1. Do not buy eggs from a store or farm that do not keep them refrigerated.
2. Discard any eggs that have been out of refrigeration for more than two hours.
3. Keep eggs refrigerated at less than 40° F at all times.
4. Cook and color only un-cracked eggs.
5. Eat eggs immediately after cooking. It is important not to keep eggs at room temperature for more than 2  hours. If possible, keep deviled eggs on a chilled platter over a bowl of ice.
6. Refrigerate unused or leftover egg-containing foods right away.


  1. This is what I eat every morning after my Zumba exercise. I'm on my 15 days of EGG DIET and JUICE DIET.

    Breakfast: GRAPEFRUIT and 1 BOILED EGG
    Lunch: 2 HARD BOILED EGG and SALAD( Lettuce, tomato and celery only)
    Dinner: STEAMED FISH and SALAD

    I use this diet every other day.

  2. you gave me a great idea as I am planning to do an easter egg hunt in April for my daughter and her cousins.. if i can't do the hard boil thing right will do the easy route and plastic eggs to the rescue


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