Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Food trip: Pancit and Cassava Cake

I ordered some Filipino food stuff online after Christmas and the package arrived after a week. My orders are, rice stick, banana catsup, dried taro leaves, palabok mix, kare kare mix, glutinous rice and more.

I cooked Pancit bihon and felt like the happiest girl in the world. I am not really into the usual ingredients. I love to experiment by using whatever available ingredients are in my kitchen. The secret in cooking is, ust cook it the way you like it and you are gonna have the best pancit bihon guisado. I have migraine so I don't put too much soy sauce or any other spices in my food. It saves me from the migraine attack. Nothign beats garlic, onion, salt and pepper when it comes to cooking. No need for fancy ingredients, just your taste buds.

And of course my meal is not complete without a dessert. I found a cassava root in one of the Mexican store here in my place so I thought of making my favorite cake ever. I have a favorite Cassava cake recipe that is so perfect for everybody's taste. Will share you the recipe on a separate post.


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