Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How To Make Homemade Wine From Welch's Grape Juice

Orange and grape juice are my kids favorite juice. In my house, we Florida orange juice, Tropicana, Tree Top apple juice while Welch's is the only grape juice we trusted. I buy two bottles of Welch's every week. But months ago, I stopped buying Welch's. We tried other brands and finally we found another brand.

The reason? Welch's white grapes just turned out nasty when I left it outside the refrigerator this summer. It started bubbling and smelled like a fermented yeast. Wine making needs yeast and takes a lot of time, but with Welch's, you can have wine in no time at all.

When my 5 year old son, asked for a glass of grape juice, I gave him one, but gave it back to me when he tasted it. He said it taste nasty and smells really bad. I checked the bottle and found out it was cloudy and bubbling. So the remaining juice ended up in trash. Hubby and I, don't drink alcohol and  even if it turned out into a wine, I will still not dare to drink it. I informed Welch's through their "contact us" page on their website and not sure if they got my message. Anyway, goodbye Welch's.


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