Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mc Donald's Apple Slices

My youngest son loves french fries and chicken nugget so much.Everytime we go out and see the Mc Donald's fast food  he will say "French Fries".French Fries for him means"Chicken Nugget Kids Meal" and that includes toy in his order. Last Sunday before the weekly grocery shopping we stopped by Mc Donald first for lunch since he asked for  fries again when he saw the big yellow "M" sign near Walmart store.

While my eldest son was on the line for our orders, me and the small one headed  into the play area .The play area is one of the reason why I take my kids to Mc Donald because that is where they want to play and enjoy the day.The meal came as a surprise,Mc Donald has added  apple slices and reduced  the portion of French fries in its children's meal boxes.McDonald's has made changes to its menu over the years to drive more sales and to serve a healthier  food to their customers.

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  1. we have those here too but we have apple allergies so pass muna ^_^


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