Monday, January 2, 2012


If I have some left over spaghetti sauce there is one thing that I usually do to make a new meal out of it.Lasagna saves the left over food from being thrown into a waste. All the other ingredients were all in my pantry and fridge.Make a white sauce (butter ,flour and milk).Just layer them altogether and a delicious food is ready to serve to a picky family members.


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  2. Hi, coming from mei chagas meme...

    i so love pasta, especially lasagna, it's like i can eat it forever.

    thank you for sharing!

  3. I love lasagna but I haven't tried cooking it at home.

    your lasagna looks delicious.

  4. I LOVE LASAGNA! really! I am a sucker to lasagna. hihi :3 nuum!~ I wish i could learn how to make one. hihi

  5. dati hindi ako kumakain ng mga ganito. nakalimutan ko na kung kelan nagsimula hahaha... i am into pasta. unang favorite pasta ko is lasagna... saraaaaaaaaap!

  6. YUMMY! Definitely wants to cook now :)

  7. Because I love lasagna (just like Garfield) I will pick this post. Miss eating this since pinagbawalan akong kumain ng may cheese. And now may med n ako for anti-allergy gagawa ako nito.


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