Friday, April 23, 2010

Arrozcaldo ( Rice Porridge) and Tokwa ( Bean Curd)

I was craving for Arrozcaldo and Tokwa since last week but I can't find any glutinous rice around the area and the tokwa can only be found in the Filipino stores which is quite far from my place. Around 15 minutes drive ,hehehe! yeah right, for me it is far coz I am a lazy driver.

At last, hubby took time off from work to do some business at the bank near the Filipino stores or we calls it Filipino souq (store) in the Middle East. I asked him to dropped me off and my little boy at the store and just get back to us when he is done.

I got me tokwa for QR 12 only ( $3 ) and some grocery stuff. Then hubby came back to pick us up .Guess what I forgot when we got home? Glutinous rice... Well, what else do I have in the fridge to get a taste of that tokwa right away. I have bean sprout, carrots and green pepper. Okay, that will work. Just need some sauteing and frying to do. Here is my sauteed vegetables with tokwa.

The following day, hubby and me went to his favorite store, Megamart. I looked for some glutinous rice but to no avail so I got me something instead. A pack of instant Arrozcaldo. It is good enough for me and better than nothing. I just added a cup of cooked rice and let it boil, then put some flaked left over chicken breast and hard boil egg. I fried some bean curd too, cut into bite size then poured in the vinegar sauce, a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar, a little sugar and chopped pepper.And here goes my finish product .

And my dessert was Del Monte Pineapple fresh from the Philippines.


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