Sunday, June 13, 2010

Krispy Kreme Doughnut

I was craving for  doughnut and bought me a dozen plus 6 more additional for the promotion of "Buy 1 dozen get 6 free". These doughnuts are actually too sweet and pricey compare to Dunkin Doughnut but I still want to have it once in a while. Ooops, is it obvious that I am a Dunkin doughnut fan? lol.

I like the original glazed though.

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  1. no glaze please! Happy Weekend!

  2. This is too sweet for me but I like it with coffee.

  3. I love the original glazed & Karamel Creme Crunch!!! :P

  4. Oh my son and hubby's favorite hehhee. Happy Yummy Sunday.

  5. I eat doughnut once in a while with a hot choco.


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