Thursday, January 8, 2015

How to Wrap Egg Rolls

Proper wrapping is important to make a firm and nice egg roll. Too loose egg roll will make the filling fall and the oil will get in.

Materials Needed:

  • egg roll filling
  • wrapper
  • water or egg white
  • brush ( optional)


1. Separate the wrappers.

2. Place the wrapper in the diamond position with a tip pointing your way.
3. Add the filling.

4. Fold the tip that’s pointing to you over the filling.
5. Fold the right and left  tip of the wrapper so it covers the filling.

6. Roll the egg roll forward. Keep the filling firm.
7. Wet the  edge with water or egg white to seal the wrapper.

8. The egg roll should look like this when you finish.

9. The egg roll can be cooked immediately or stored in the freezer. Deep fry when needed without thawing.

For a smaller egg roll, cut the wrapper on the diagonal line to make two half-square triangle and follow the above directions.


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