Thursday, May 13, 2010

Turon - Banana Fritter

Turon or  Banana roll is one of the most pupular  Filipino snack  made of  ripe plantain  and spring roll wrapper. It is commonly seen being sold along sidewalks freshly cooked right in front of the pedestrian or  sold house to house by a street vendor.

  • saba banana/plantain, sliced lenghtwise 
  • brown or white sugar 
  • spring roll wrapper 
  • jackfruit strips (optional) 
  • cooking oil

  1. Roll banana in sugar. 
  2. Lay 2 to 3 banana slices on a wrapper. 
  3. Add strips of jackfruit (optional)
  4. Wrap filling and wet the edges with a little water. 
  5. Cook deep fry until golden brown. 
  6. Best serve while still hot and crispy.


  1. hay, i miss saba :D looks so yummy!

  2. Turon is one of my favorite snacks sabayan pa ito ng ice-cold Coke! I know Coke is bad for the health pero parang kulang pag wala ito.

    We Ate This!

  3. Paborito ng bayan, magkano turon mo sis pabili ng sampu hehe pati gulaman.

    Here is My Food

  4. One of hubby's favorite! Kaya lagi syang bumibili ng lumpia wrapper and langka hehehe.. Ala nga lang ako mabilhan ng banana hehehe..

    Spice Up your life

  5. I guess I'll love this. Thanks for the invitation, perhaps I'll join this wonderful meme...

  6. bigla akong nag-crave :D i'll make some tomorrow, super sarap unang tingin pa lang...

  7. Mas love ko yan kesa sa banana cue! Lalo na pag may langka sa loob.. Hmmmm... Yummy!!!!Happy weekend!

  8. I miss turon...sarap kumain ngayon..he..he..thanks sa visit sis:)

  9. wehhhhhhhh, miss ko na ang turonnnn..yummy!

  10. paborito ko 'to.. kasi may langka.. yummm2x.. thanks for sharing.. I miss this already, looks how many weeks I wasn't able to eat this. :-(
    Anyway, still happy FTF!

    Here's mine: My Food Trip: Red Velvet Cake

    See yah.. :)

  11. I remember nung umuwi kami ng pinas last Jan.naglakad pa ako papuntang kanto just to buy banana turon!Yours looks yummy dear!

    Thanks for dropping by!Have a great week ahead!^_^

  12. Turon na may langka ang paborito kong meryenda, napansin ko lang na medyo maliit na yung tindang turon ngayon. :(


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