Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mango Festival

I went grocery shopping today at Lulu Hypermarket, one of my favorite store here in Qatar. The store is a one stop shop where you can get almost every items you want aside from the fact that it is very near to  my place.

My last stop is always at the fruit and vegetable section. And look what they have there! A mango festival where in they sell different kinds of mango from different country except  from Philippines. Too bad  because these mangoes are not as good as  the Philippine mango.

Anyway, I looked around and see if I could find one that I like. I saw one kind of mango surrounded by shoppers and almost  sold out, the Badami Mango which is only QR 6.75/kilo . I asked  one Indian lady if it is good and she answered yes, so I grabbed a  plastic bag and get me some, unfortunately I was able  to get only 2 pieces, all others were no good at all. So I  looked for another mango again  and got  the Daseri Mango which is QR 14.50/kilo.This mango is similar  to Philippine mango and tasted good too.

They are good for shake or smoothie, a healthy meal for my kids.

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  1. I love mangoes - whether green mango or ripe mango, it doesn't matter. Green mango is perfect with bagoong while ripe mango is for shake or to top off my refrigerator cake. Summer is near so mango season again! :)


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