Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Have been to grocery store 2 days ago. Food items has become too expensive here in Qatar after the 2006 Asian games. Price goes up tremendously. During my early years here, eggs cost only QR 10/tray and now it ranges from QR14 - 20/tray. I bought one tray of egg and put it at the back seat of my car while the other grocery stuff went inside  the trunk. I went back home around 2:30 pm. Unloaded everything with the help of my son.

The following morning while preparing to take my son at school, I saw the eggs at the back seat. I don't know what to do, keep the egg or throw in trash? So I decided to call hubby who was  in the US  for a vacation and asked his opinion. He asked mother first and the decision was to throw them  in trash since it was already exposed to too much heat. I had a  Summer post to give you an idea how hot it is i my place right now. Egg exposed to temperatures above  40°F  for more than 2 hours is unsafe to eat and should be disposed .

For Egg safety:
1. Keep eggs refrigerated.
2. Avoid raw and runny eggs, eat only well cooked eggs.
3. Wash hands after handling eggs.
4. Use only pasteurized eggs in foods calling for uncooked eggs

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